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Voice Over defining Hilti’s Building Information Modeling and Design Services

Andy Taylor provides voice over for the industrial video above, profiling the latest BIM Design Services and offerings from Hilti Tools. Uploaded by Hilti’s Swiss division, the video includes French subtitles and graphics.

In today’s complex commercial construction industry, Building Information Modeling has become the standard in the industry. It helps generate significant savings and improves collaboration during extensive construction projects. Talk to the team at Hilti for your next project, and see how their BIM Services can help you to save time and money.

Tobias Wagner of Proline MEDIA in Germany designed, animated and produced the above video. Along with Hilti, Andy and Tobias also collaborate for other Proline MEDIA clients, including Zarges. Projects include a promotional video for the Zarges K411, the K470 Lithium Ion Battery Box, and the Zarges LiftMaster.

Thank you so much for the outstanding work! And by outstanding, I do not just mean the result – but also the process. I wish there were more talents who understood the challenges of a producer’s creative workflow.

Tobias Wagner | Owner, Proline MEDIA

Additional Andy Taylor Voice Over for Proline MEDIA

Video narration for industrial videos profiling a business’s image, innovation, brand and identity.

Industrial Voice Over is a popular category of narration in non-union voice over. Similar to Corporate Voice Over, these videos depict how a company, business or brand wants to be perceived by its potential clients, customers and consumers. Ultimately, the production defines the organization’s identity by expressing its core principles and corporate ideals.

What differentiates Industrial from Corporate Voice Over is the type of business. Essentially, industrial videos showcase businesses and brands involved in manufacturing, agriculture, warehousing, etc., while corporate videos typically profile white collar businesses. Industrial videos will often take viewers on a tour of the company’s facilities. Furthermore, these videos also include products and services that cater to industry.

Industrial videos are often seen on the front page of a company website or social media channel. Additionally, the videos commonly play as introductions during a business conference, familiarizing attendees with the business or brand. Moreover – trade shows, client meetings, and sales presentations are all occasions where Corporate Videos can be effective tools.

Industrial Voice Over: Don’t overshadow the message

This style of voice over varies from partner to partner. However, a majority of the reads require a confident voice of authority that can conversationally deliver a company’s intended message. Above all, it’s very important to ensure that the vocal performance doesn’t overshadow the video’s content. In other words, the read should simply accentuate the imagery, while clearly communicating the company’s identity.

Recognized for his ability to connect with a script’s copy and each individual video’s intent, Andy Taylor’s narration can help your next Industrial video stand-out. Whether for a business website, trade show, sales conference, or tour of the company’s facilities.

Here’s how a video producer recently responded to an Industrial video Andy narrated for German tools provider, Hilti:

Vielen Dank fürs schnelle Liefern! I’m such a fan of the service, really. The variety of endings was much appreciated, too – it allows me the freedom to perfectly adjust the tone of the all-important take-away message. As always, great work and world-class service. Thank you so much. BTW you keep me intrigued about how good your understanding of German is. Still wondering how you managed the English timing in the demo so close to the German original.

Tobias Wagner, Heligraphix and Proline Media

Industrial Voice Over: International Partners

Most global industries prefer to produce their Industrial videos in English. As a result, this regularly involves careful translation and script adjustments. The fact is, Andy has provided Industrial Voice Over for companies all over the world, including the United States, Germany, Turkey, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Along with Industrial “imaging” videos, he is also repeatedly booked by these same partners to record voice over for industry safety training videos. As a result – by using Andy’s voice in both productions – these partners establish consistency in brand content. However, it’s more than Andy’s sound that maintains these long standing relationships. Furthermore, his work ethic, quick turn-around and commitment to customer service are characteristics that partners tend to appreciate most.

Again and again…Nice work. Great Job! Very responsive. So polite. Great quality of work. A pleasure to work with. Thanks Andy.

Göker Göktepe. Gece Vardiyasi Film Yapim for Abali Sunflower Oil

When working on an Industrial Video, first be sure the voice over fits the business or brand identity. Secondly, make sure you work with a reliable voice talent who understands your deadlines. And finally, find a talent who can repeatedly deliver a quality product as the corporate messaging expands and grows.

Reach out to Andy Taylor today.

Additional Industrial Voice Over from Andy Taylor