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Voice Over for Inspekt, revolutionizing the home inspection experience

In February of 2019, voice actor Andy Taylor provided voice over for Inspekt’s promotional Facebook video. Through it’s use of technological advancements and a an unwavering commitment to customer service, Inspekt has transformed the home inspection experience.

Inspekt Home Inspections in Greater Indianapolis

Imagine taking a process, and reinventing it. That is exactly what Inspekt has done with the home inspection experience.

Focused on the customer experience and putting clients first, Inspekt has streamlined home inspections, delivering on the need and expectation of expediency.

Once the home inspection is complete, clients visit with Inspekt inside the mobile office to learn more about potential issues with the home. Imagine…an actual consult with the experienced professional who conducted the home inspection, rather than waiting several days or weeks to receive a large binder of overwhelming and often confusing information.

See the Facebook video above to learn more about benefits of hiring Inspekt to conduct your next home inspection.