Stadium Teases

Voice Over for in-stadium video teases at global sporting events

Stadium Tributes

Voice Over for stadium video tributes at international sporting events

Highlights and Recaps

Voice Over for highlight and recap videos from global sports events

VOG Live Announcer

“Voice of God” Live Announcing at international sports events

Broadcast Imaging

Voice Over for BBC Radio 5 Live at the US Open Tennis Championships

Award Galas

Voice Over for nominee videos and special athlete presentations

Television Broadcast

Voice Over for sports television

Pre-Recorded Announcer

Voice Over announcer for the World Lethwei Championship in Myanmar

Announcer Andy Taylor. WLC7 Mighty Warriors

Television Commercials

Commercial Voice Over promoting major sports events globally

Fan Engagement Video

Voice Over for stadium and online content focused on fan engagement

Stadium Sponsor Production

Voice Over for top-flight event sponsors in sports venues worldwide