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Voice Over (vois ōvər)

A piece of narration, not accompanied by an image of the speaker.

Online business videos are essential marketing tools for brands, services, and industries worldwide. Not only can these “web explainer” videos can be posted to company websites, they can be shared across social platforms.

Rather than toss money away on costly, hit-or-miss television advertising, business owners now have targeted, online marketing leverage allowing them to speak directly to the consumers of their products and services.

All that video needs is a voice to deliver its message.
Andy Taylor. Voice Over. Scribble Pen for Slack
Scribble Pen for Slack
The fun to drive Honda HR-V

Television commercials are still popular marketing tools for reinforcing established brands and services.

Smart media buyers focus on ad-frequency and programming that reaches a target demographic, but unless that commercial has a clear message with an authentic theme with true impact on its intended viewer, the ad-buy is money wasted.

Solid writing, production, and voice over is imperative.
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Video production is a cornerstone of fan engagement at sporting events around the world. Most stadiums have an abundance of video walls throughout the venue, designed to not only deliver sponsor messaging, but to keep ticket-holders entertained during television time-outs.

From athlete tributes to event specific features and teases, sport production has become a significant tool to inform, educate and entertain ticket-holders between the action.

With highlights and footage, engaging voice over is critical.
Andy Murray. 2012 Road to the US Open Semifinals

Radio commercials are effective top-of-mind awareness and promotional tools when the advertising schedule includes tremendous frequency and the ad-buy is placed on a targeted broadcast or internet radio product.

For example, if a promoter needs to advertise an upcoming concert, airing the radio commercial on a station that reflects the performer’s format is crucial. Making sure the ad is heard often is imperative, continually reinforcing the information to perspective ticket buyers.

Clean audio production and a quality voice over are key.

From corporate functions to media day events, conference introductions, workshop videos and church productions – the need for voice over is limited only by one’s breadth of imagination.

Andy Taylor has voiced video production for anniversary celebrations, corporate 401k rollouts, stockholder presentations, and charity galas. He’s even been the voice of gas pumps throughout the Midwest.

Flexibility, range and a compassionate understanding of your vision are significant when hiring voice talent.
We Are Developers Conference. Vienna, Austria (2017)

Happy creative partners say it all.

Live announce or video narration, Andy takes audiences on a journey, always delivering desired IMPACT. He consistently conveys the STORY behind each script, rather than simply punctuating WORDS on a page.

Michael Fiur
President and Executive Producer, Fiur Productions
2015 US Open. BBC 5-Live. Voiceover Booth. Episode-1.

Imaging voice over for your radio product or podcast requires a sound that matches the image of your brand.

You need a voice talent who can deliver an appropriate attitude, style and delivery suited to your format and content. The voice should have a sound and character that matches the enthusiasm, mentality, values and mindset of your product and its target audience.

Imaging voice over is your brand’s pulse. Choose wisely.

Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, research papers…thanks to Amazon’s “Audible,” audiobooks have become the commuter’s preferred reading resource.

Not all authors enjoy verbally reading their own material, yet they don’t want to overlook additional readership. Voice actors have been bringing text to life for years through “books on tape.” Today, those audiobooks are available with the click of an app.

When casting, choose voice talent who are talented actors.

Never hired a voice actor before?

What is the process? How expensive is it? How do I receive the audio? In what format? Am I asking too many questions?