Justice Jewelers Diamond Dash

Remembering Woody
Remembering Woody

Imagine winning a $10,000 diamond-ring from Justice Jewelers…

The Diamond Dash makes it happen!

On October 22, 2011 at Jordan Valley Park in Springfield, Jay Fotsch from Power 96.5 and I co-hosted the Diamond Dash with Woody Justice, and saw over 300 couples have fun with us in the high-tech scavenger hunt.

It’s quite cool how they do this, really. Imagine you and your better half spending two hours, receiving text clues, racing around Springfield’s downtown to find the correct answers to increase your point total, then gathering back at Jordan Valley Park to find out if your high score earned you a $10,000 Diamond Ring! I’m not even doing it “justice” with my description…

The entire event is a benefit for Camp Barnabas, where perspectives are changed and disability is redefined.

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