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Voice Over Andy Taylor / Zarges K411 Briefcase

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Zarges K411. The definitive case for everything important to you.

On the job, you want to leave your best impression. You’re resilient. You push beyond your boundaries. And you’re looking for the definitive case for everything that is important and precious to you.

ZARGES is known the world over for its legendary aluminium boxes, trusted for their sturdiness and versatility. The K 411 ZARGES Case marks the start of a new era, combining the robust construction and durability of ZARGES boxes with the distinctive elegance of modern design.

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  • Exclusive design
  • Durable and robust
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Sophisticated, functional interior
  • Easy-to-use closures


Elegant. Sturdy. Zarges

The ZARGES brand has provided reliable, innovative strength and first-class quality for more than 80 years. Being drivers of innovation, they continually improve their services and create solutions and products which are geared toward your needs at all times.

ZARGES innovation always arises through close collaboration with you, the customer. Its aim is to provide you with professional solutions that can meet any of your challenges. For your safety and efficiency.

Learn more about the Zarges K411 today.

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Voice Over Script. Zarges K411

For you every new day is full of challenges. You push and go beyond your limits. Average is not an option.

The basis for all of this … is material you can count on – unconditionally. The best.

Why should somebody like you be satisfied with less in your professional life?

From the manufacturer of the legendary, indestructible aluminum case now comes an equally robust, versatile as well as practical briefcase: the ZARGES K411.

Whether as a briefcase or with customized foam inserts, the ZARGES K411 can be individually customized to virtually every need.

Together, you and the K411 make a perfect impression.

Find out today how you and the ZARGES K411 can push the limits in your professional life.

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Thanks to Proline MEDIA and Heligraphix for the partnership.

[blockquote quote=”All I can say is wow – this is most awesome! Thank you very much for breaking the speed limit on this one……Again thanks for the world-class service.”]

– Tobias Wagner. Proline MEDIA and Heligraphix