Voice Over. Johnson Controls and OPTIMA AR Campaign

Voice Over Andy Taylor / Vaylian Studios

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First ever branded narrative experience for the Microsoft HoloLens

The video above features behind the scenes footage from November 2017’s automotive trade shows SEMA and AAPEX. Narrated by voice artist Andy Taylor for Vaylian Studios, the video showcases remarkable augmented reality experiences Vaylian created for visitors to the OPTIMA batteries booth.

Johnson Controls, the world’s leading automotive battery manufacturer, commissioned two interactive holographic experiences, for their presence at the largest auto events of year: SEMA and AAPEX.

Vaylian created augmented holographic brand awareness experiences to showcase their innovative products – both existing and unreleased. Never before have customers been able to see an exploded 3-dimensional view of the battery interiors.

For a cohesive experience on the show floor, Vaylian paired the HoloLens AR Experiences with physical holographic pyramid displays and hologram smartphone pyramid giveaways.

Two Microsoft HoloLens Apps were designed and developed to connect audiences with the new battery tech in a hands-on and interactive way, never before experienced. Attendees could see blown-apart 3D renderings of the battery interiors and learn about the different features. They could interact with 3D photo-real models of the professional race car drivers and the vehicles that put their battery tech through the paces prior to the public launch of OPTIMA’s latest battery.

Along with the cutting edge AR experiences, conference-goers also saw physical large-scale holographic pyramid displays, and could take home smart phone sized holo-pyramids to keep enjoying the experience after the event.

Learn more about Vaylian Studios and see how they continue to innovate for their partners and clients.

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