Andy Taylor Voice Over. Viarium

Voice Over. Viarium

Voice Over Andy Taylor / Viarium – The Decentralized VR Platform Andy Taylor Voice Over for Viarium In this corporate film for Viarium, video editors altered Voice Actor Andy Taylor’s voice to project a more futuristic narrative. In the past, this technique was similarly employed when Andy provided voice over for Titan the Robot at […]

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Andy Taylor Narration. Vaylian Studios Augmented Reality

Voice Over. OPTIMA Batteries Holographic Experience

Voice Over. Johnson Controls and OPTIMA AR Campaign Voice Over Andy Taylor / Vaylian Studios First ever branded narrative experience for the Microsoft HoloLens The video above features behind the scenes footage from November 2017’s automotive trade shows SEMA and AAPEX. Narrated by voice artist Andy Taylor for Vaylian Studios, the video showcases remarkable augmented […]

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Ford F-150 Raptor: Born to Baja

  The above video is narrated by actor, comedian and fellow Bostonian Denis Leary – the voice of the Ford F-150 for over a decade. Oddly enough, I actually played a small role in the overall production. Working with Vaylian out of Los Angeles, I provided the voiceover “scratch tracks” for the groundbreaking 360ยบ and […]

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Andy Taylor Voice Over. Upcoming Media Toronto

Voice Over. Upcoming Media Solutions

Voice Over Andy Taylor / Upcoming Media Solutions Innovative Augmented and Virtual Reality App Development The above video voice over from Andy Taylor details the unique app-development offerings of Upcoming Media, Inc. Upcoming Media turns packaged or uniquely presented products into augmented reality experiences, and so much more. Retail applications Show off your product in […]

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Upcoming Media Solutions. Web Explainer Video

AUTHOR: Upcoming Media Inc. VOICEOVER: Andy Taylor Upcoming Media Solutions Introducing Upcoming Media Solutions. The mobile application that highlights trending technologies you can utililze in the creation of your own branded applications. Simply Pick an App Package that fits your budget. Select a Service that suits your technology needs. Then, contact us to start the […]

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