Nepute Wellness Center – St. Louis

Dr. Eric Nepute isn’t just treating patients in St. Louis – the fact is, he’s changing lives. Thanks to Karen Campbell’s Blue Dog Advertising, Dr. Nepute’s authentic compassion, and aggressive marketing (on-air and online), more and more people who have lived with chronic pain are benefiting from his approach to wellness.

From Dr. Nepute’s website: “Dr. Eric is a wellness care chiropractor with a passion for unlocking your body’s God-given ability to heal itself. Trained in sports medicine, advanced nutrition, internal health and anti-aging, Dr. Eric has personally experienced the life-saving benefits of chiropractic care and is committed to relieving and preventing pain and illness through natural treatments and nutrition. At Nepute Wellness Center he has created a team with one shared goal—to help you and your family achieve your full health potential.

Honestly, it feels great working on projects like Dr. Nepute’s marketing – because he is truly making a difference for so many. These radio commercials can be heard in St. Louis…

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