Voice Over Andy Taylor / Gece Vardiyasi Film Yapim

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Abalı Sun Flower Oil İmagefilm

In 2018, voice artist Andy Taylor provided voice over for an imaging video featuring Turkish Sunflower Oil producer Abalı. The video – written, produced and directed by Göker Göktepe of Gece Vardiyasi Film Yapim – highlights the Abalıoğlu Yağ Family’s commitment to excellence.

Thanks to Gece Vardiyasi Film Yapim for the partnership.

[blockquote quote=”Again and again…Nice work! Great Job! Very responsive. So polite. Great quality of work. A pleasure to work with. Thanks Andy!”]

– Göker Göktepe. Gece Vardiyasi Film Yapim

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Abalı Sunflower Oil | Abalıoğlu Yağ Family

We at Abalıoğlu Yağ Family, begin each day with our love and passion for our job.

In agriculture, animal husbandry and food sectors that are the life-blood of humanity, we meticulously combine Abalıoğlu’s long industrial experience with our technology and human resource, moving towards a better future with each passing day.

As the leading raw material supplier of the Turkish feed sector, we studiously import soy bean and other oil seeds, and put them into process in our İzmir-Çiğli and İzmir-Aliağa facilities following domestic purchases, all for the lucrative and sustainable activities of companies producing feeds for bovine, ovine, poultry and fish.

The oils and pulps that we produce with deep respect for our job and the care we take for customer satisfaction meet with our customers in Turkish and World markets; as we, Abalıoğlu Yağ, attend to our business with great love and passion through the constant effort, support and reliability we have devoted to the agriculture and animal husbandry sectors, our contributions to the Turkish economy, and our continuous investment philosophy.

With the aim to usher in the golden age of sunflower, the gold of these lands, and make it a part of your dinner tables, the flavor of your meals, the oil that mothers rely on, and the choice of the professionals; we began translating the experience of Abalıoğlu Yağ into sunflower and other oils under Abalı brand at our Aliağa facility.

With our ‘no-compromise’ quality process, state-of-the-art laboratories, trailblazing R&D department, and the certificates of quality we have; we have always made it our mission to adorn your health and your palates. Because as Abalı Yağ, we are one big family with you by our side.

We produce our oils in the most hygienic conditions untouched by human hands, with the goal to bring them to your table without making any compromises on their high nutritional values and the utmost care we always take for human health.

With an hourly filling capacity of 82 tons, thanks to our automated storage and retrieval system, one of the latest technologies Industry 4.0 has to offer and a first in the edible oil industry, we happily send what we safely produce off to your kitchens and tables.

We, the Abalıoğlu Yağ family, begin each new day by taking pride in being the leading raw material supplier of the Turkish feed sector, with the vegetable oils we bring on your tables, and with the love and passion we have for our job.