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Voice Over for PPL-OS, Haufe’s Co-Creation Platform

In September of 2018, Andy Taylor narrated the video above for German business solutions giant Haufe. In this video, Haufe unveils it’s new internal communication platform, People.OS – making it easier and quicker for each individual voice within your company to have a positive and lasting impact on the brand and business.

The first business mobilization platform, People.OS revolutionizes not only work, but what works. So you’re better prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Smart Organizations Outsmart Tomorrow

In a world where speed and scale of technology is disrupting your industry, you’re not going anywhere without your people.

Should you just let people run your company?

Well, people run every company.

We just believe in giving them the voice and means to better do so.

So, an intern can come with your next big idea? If it works, why not?

Organizations are much smarter than you think and people want to contribute to something better.

Welcome to People.OS – Your last ever reorganization.

Thanks to Haufe and People.OS for the partnership


Bastian Koch, Creative Director Haufe Lexware GmbH & Co.