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Voice Over Andy Taylor | Product Voice Over | Zarges LiftMaster – Crank Operated Lift

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ZARGES LiftMaster: A New Era Begins

Andy Taylor provides voice over for this product video profiling the benefits of the ZARGES LiftMaster. Compared to ladders and heavy, industrial lifts, the LiftMaster is a game changer.

Imagine a lightweight, sturdy lift that doesn’t depend on a power source. Most operate the ZARGES LiftMaster with its simple hand crank. However, to make operation even easier, a standard drill also adjusts the height. In addition, it’s versatile, compact and easy to transport.

World renowned, ZARGES’ is known for uncompromising craftsmanship. The LiftMaster is the latest stroke of genius from the German powerhouse.

For 85 years, ZARGES has continuously developed products, services and software. For people from the industrial, healthcare, rail, aviation and craft-trade sectors, ZARGES provides the ideal solution for any task.

Brother Andy, let me thank you personally again for super, reliable, ultra high-quality, fast work. I really appreciate it. Great service from A to Z.

Tobias Wagner – Owner | Proline MEDIA

Script. ZARGES LiftMaster Video

Ladders are fast and easy to set up – but unfortunately, they’re still one of the most common reasons for accidents.

Lifts, on the other hand, are much safer. They allow hands-free work from a platform fitted with safety rails, securing the operator from all sides.

The downside of lifts is that they’re bulky, heavy – and it always seems like the battery’s depleted when you need it most.

Until now.

With the ZARGES LiftMaster, a new era begins:

The mobile lift is light-weight, and compact enough to fit through a standard 80-centimeter door. It’s easy to move, and can even be loaded into a van by just a single person.

With a low weight of only 165 kg, the lift can be used on floors with limited load bearing capacity.

And finally: The ZARGES LiftMaster is ready to use, whenever you need it.

Thanks to its patented crank mechanism, height adjustment is easy at all times – completely without electricity or batteries. Alternatively, a standard power drill may be used.

The new independence. A leader in its class, the LiftMaster is mobile, safe, universal – and manufactured with the uncompromising high quality of ZARGES.

Schedule a demo of the unique and versatile ZARGES LiftMaster now.

Additional Product Voice Over from Andy Taylor

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