Voice Over. World Taekwondo Kicks of the Week

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Sport Production | Arthur Bouëdo, EGS Director / OBS Production manager

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Online Fan Engagement Production for World Taekwondo

Voice actor Andy Taylor narrates World Taekwondo Throwback Kicks of the Week. Written and produced by EGS Director Arthur Bouëdo of Lyon, France — World Taekwondo uploaded the fan engagement content to its social media channels during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

A side note: Andy Taylor often narrates for partners while on the road. He narrated his first project for World Taekwondo from the announce booth at the 2019 US Open Tennis Championships, where Andy has been “The Voice of the US Open” since 2002.

Meanwhile, Arthur Bouëdo is a former professional basketball player, who was a standout at the University of Wyoming. Since earning his degree, he now produces and directs world class events globally.

If you need a professional, reliable, efficient, and quality male voice over for your projects then look nowhere else. Andy will bring the production value that you are looking for.

Arthur Bouëdo, EGS Director / OBS Production manager

Andy Taylor. An Experienced Voice for Sport Production

From live announce, to VOG and voice over encompassing every aspect of modern sport production, Andy Taylor has the experience producers and directors crave for global events.

Andy’s sport production voice over portfolio includes all aspects of today’s stadium show — which has grown exponentially in the past 10-years, as more and more video walls requiring endless content have been added to venues worldwide.

Regularly working inside these environments, Andy intuitively understands the delivery required to captivate fan attention. Most importantly, whether on-site or working from his studio, Andy delivers audio timely to meet every sensitive deadline.

He is a partner in the creative process, experienced in taking a director’s vision and quickly turning it into reality.

Flexibility and Variety. Andy’s Sport Production Experience:

  • Fan Engagement Video
  • Stadium Teases
  • Stadium Tributes
  • Highlights and Recaps
  • Broadcast Imaging
  • Television Broadcast
  • Pre-Recorded Announcer
  • Stadium Sponsor Production
  • Stadium VOG

Click here to see Andy’s work in all of the above categories

Andy’s life in sport production began in 2002, when he became “The Voice of the U.S. Open.” Originally, his voice was simply heard introducing players and narrating ceremonies inside Arthur Ashe Stadium. Over the years, the role has grown tremendously, both within and beyond the tournament itself.

Before the start of the sport’s final Grand Slam, Andy voices television commercials to promote the US Open. He’s also been the voice of BBC Radio’s coverage of the fortnight, the stadium host for Arthur Ashe Kids Day, and voices every announcement heard throughout the USTA National Tennis Center.

When he’s not working a match on center court, introducing the athletes for player walk-on or voicing a live ceremony, Andy is narrating video production that will play throughout the venue. When needed, the USTA will even yank him from the booth to interview legends of the game or host trophy ceremonies.

Whether he’s describing how Armstrong Stadium is full to capacity, awarding a trip to Dubai, cutting-up with John McEnroe, or detailing Serena’s amazing career, it is Andy Taylor’s voice in the fan’s ear — narrating, informing.