Announcer. WLC 5 / Knockout War

Announcer Andy Taylor | Sport Production Voice Over | World Lethwei Championship

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Pre-Recorded Arena Announcer for World Lethwei Championship

From his studio in Boston, voice artist Andy works directly with CEO Gerald Ng to narrate each WLC event’s promotional content. Additionally, he is the “insane” pre-recorded announcer for World Lethwei Championship’s arena production.

The video above features World Lethwei Championship 5: Knockout War in its entirety. The event begins with Andy’s pre-recorded narration of the Opening Ceremony and fighter introductions.

World Lethwei Championship 5: Knockout War

During a stunning main event, Polish kickboxer Artur Saladiack claimed the Light Middleweight World Lethwei Championship title, knocking-out Myanmar’s Saw Ba Oo. Just before, in the co-main event, Kyaw Zin Latt defeated Saw Darwait in a split decision, earning the Light Welterweight Myanmar National Championship title.

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Voice Over Andy Taylor | Sport Production | World Lethwei Championship

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Voice Over for World Lethwei Championship Television Commercials

Andy Taylor narrates the television commercial above promoting World Lethwei Championship 5: Knockout War.

Myanmar’s Lethwei — Burmese Combat known as “The Art of Nine Limbs”

Lethwei is one of the most brutal martial arts in the world. Traditionally, it is a bare-knuckle brawl where headbutts are fair-game and fights can only be won by knockout. Should a fighter get knocked out, his team is allowed one opportunity to revive him and continue the bout.

However, World Lethwei Championship modified the original rules of the sport, introducing judges and eliminating injury timeouts. Time limits were also established: Championship bouts feature five 3-minute rounds with 2-minute breaks. Should the fight goes the distance, the judges determine the winner by scoring the number of strikes per round. If a fighter is knocked down four times during the bout, the fight is ruled a knockout.

Visit World Lethwei Championship online to learn more about the sport and events in Myanmar.

Andy Taylor: Experienced Announcer, Arena video narration and Network broadcast voice over

Sports entertainment relies heavily on voice over. Thus, the term sport production paints a very broad stroke.

Let’s start with the stadium experience. Every sporting venue typically hires an announcer to introduce athletes and inform fans in real time. For example, Andy Taylor is the Voice of the US Open and several other tennis and squash events in Doha, Qatar. As a live announcer, Andy uses his voice alone to introduce athletes and engage ticket holders on site. Because fans rarely see the announcer, most refer to this form of live voice over as VOG (Voice of God).

Additionally, voice over is used extensively in video production throughout the stadium. Video walls and professional media production are now cornerstones of fan engagement at sporting venues globally. Not only do these huge video screens capture the action on court and deliver sponsor messaging, they also keep fans entertained during television time-outs. From athlete tributes to event specific features and teases. Sport production voice over is a significant tool to inform, educate and entertain ticket-holders.

Andy Taylor | A Professional Voice for Live Events

Year round, Andy Taylor records voice over for media productions that air exclusively inside sports venues. Prior to matches at tennis and squash events, fans hear Andy’s voice narrating stadium teases, tributes and highlight videos. He voices sponsor productions, instructional content for fans, and public address announcements that air throughout stadium complexes.

Moreover, he works with event organizers internationally to become the defining sound of their sport productions. For example, Andy is the pre-recorded announcer for the World Lethwei Championship in Myanmar. Before fight night, Andy voices the event’s television commercials and online content. Then, during the event, he introduces fighters and engages fans as if he were live and in-person. He performs a similar role for marquee equestrian events, like the National Horse Show and the United States Hunter Jumper Association.

Andy Taylor is a born story teller. Regardless of the copy – live announce or video narration – he takes audiences on a journey. Always delivering desired IMPACT through an innate understanding of each read’s unique tone. With his original style, he consistently conveys the STORY behind each script, rather than simply punctuating WORDS on a page — a rare gift among ‘announcers’ in sport. His talent is his voice, his authenticity. Include his versatility, professionalism and ability to effortlessly adapt under the pressure of voicing the largest attended annual sporting event in the world…and you know why Andy has been a valuable member of our team as the “Voice of the US Open” for over 15-years.Michael Fiur | President and Executive Producer / Fiur Productions

Sport Production Voice Over and Broadcasting

An additional and robust aspect of sport production voice over involves the networks who cover the events. Andy Taylor narrates sponsor bumpers and network imaging for the broadcast partners of events he hosts. For instance, his voice guides viewers through ABC’s telecast of Arthur Ashe Kids Day. He also narrates ESPN’s sponsor bumpers for World Team Tennis. Plus, fans in the UK often hear his voice in the imaging for BBC Radio’s coverage of the US Open.

Voice Over is essential in nearly every aspect of sport production. For a unique, confident and defined Stadium Announcer sound, contact Andy Taylor and elevate your next premiere sporting event.