US Open

Arlen Kantarian
CEO, Professional Tennis and US Open 2000-2008 / United States Tennis Association

I felt we needed a voice, not the voice of wrestling, not the sleepy voice, something in between...and when you hear it you know. There are certain people that have the ability to send those tingles down somebody's spine or to make 'em laugh or make 'em cry. Andy just has a very natural way of doing that.

Announcer Andy Taylor is the Voice of the US Open

In the tennis world, Andy Taylor is known as “The Voice of the U.S. Open.” Originally in 2002, his voice was simply heard introducing players and narrating ceremonies inside Arthur Ashe Stadium. Over the years, the role has grown tremendously, both within and beyond the tournament itself…

Announcer Andy Taylor. The Voice of the US Open. US Open Experience

The US Open Experience (2012)

Before the start of the sport’s final Grand Slam, Andy voices television commercials to promote the US Open. He is the voice of BBC Radio’s coverage of the fortnight, the stadium host for Arthur Ashe Kids Day, and he voices every announcement heard throughout the USTA National Tennis Center. When he’s not working a match on center court, introducing the athletes for player walk-on or voicing a live ceremony, Andy is narrating video production that will play throughout the venue. When needed, the USTA will even yank him from the booth to interview legends of the game or host trophy ceremonies.

“Announcer Andy Taylor – One of the Four Tenors of Tennis” – World Tennis Gazette

Whether he’s describing how Armstrong Stadium is full to capacity, awarding a trip to Dubai, cutting-up with John McEnroe, or detailing Serena’s amazing career pre-match, it is Andy Taylor’s voice in the fan’s ear…narrating, informing.

ARD (German Radio): Die Stimme der US Open / The Voice of the US Open


Live Announce

Announcer. The Championship Match Walk-On

Championship Match Walk-On


Announcer. Opening Ceremony. Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight

Phil Collins. In the Air Tonight


Emcee. A quick conversation with four legends of the game

Four Legends of the Game

Host: Kids Day

Host. Kids Day 2015. Jacob Whitesides

Kids Day 2015. Jacob Whitesides

Stadium Teases

Voice Over. Novak Djokovic. 2011 Road to the Final

Novak Djokovic. 2011 Road to the Final

Stadium Tributes

Voice Over. Joe Hunt. Court of Champions

Joe Hunt. Court of Champions

Highlights and Recaps

Voice Over. 2014 US Open. Week One

2014 US Open. Week One

BBC Radio Voiceover

Voice Over. BBC Radio. 2015 US Open

BBC Radio. 2015 US Open

Television Commercials

Voice Over. The 2016 US Open App

The 2016 US Open App

Radio Commercials

2013 US Open Series. Radio


Announcer. US Open Photos through the years…

Announcer. 2016. Selfies with Fans on Arthur Ashe Kids Day

Announcer. 2016. Women's Final Walk-On

Announcer 2015. Arthur Ashe Stadium's New Roof

2014 US Open. Andy Taylor hosts the Doubles Trophy Presentation

Emcee. 2013. Fun with the Upper Deck on the Big Screens

Announcer. 2013. In-Stadium Promotional Give-Aways

Announcer. 2007. Ceremony Narration

Announcer. 2006. The Year of the Beard

Announcer. 2002. Arthur Ashe Stadium