Live Announce

2016 US Open. Men's Final

2016 US Open. Men's Final

“Live Announce” is the backbone of Andy’s role at the US Open. Whether in the booth high atop Arthur Ashe Stadium or courtside for Championship Match walk-ons, Andy’s main responsibility is to narrate, inform and entertain with his voice.

After ESPN’s pre-match interviews in the tunnel, Andy welcomes the players to the court, introduces the chair umpire and delivers sponsor reads. Following the coin-toss at the net, he relates the story of each player’s career for fans in the stadium – highlighting accomplishments, notable achievements and each player’s history at the Open.

During play, Andy spends his time writing biographies for upcoming matches, recording voiceover for video teases and tributes, or voicing announcements played throughout the grounds of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

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