Voice Over. Television Bumpers. World Team Tennis 2017

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Voice Over. Andy Taylor. World Team Tennis 2017

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Voice Over for the 2017 World Team Tennis Season

In the Summer of 2017, Andy Taylor voiced sponsor bumpers for World Team Tennis ESPN broadcasts. The clips above aired during matches in New York, Washington DC, San Diego and Philadelphia.

The 2017 season began in mid-July. Three weeks later, Orange Country won the coveted King Trophy for the first time since 2004. Behind the season’s Forevermark Male MVP, Teymuraz Gabashvili, the Breakers captured the title with a win over the defending champion Aviators.

Previous World Team Tennis experience

Andy Taylor was first introduced to World Team Tennis as the morning show host for KTTS in Springfield, Missouri. The Springfield Lasers have been a staple of the league since the mid-90’s. Jodi Adams, director of the Springfield Greene County Parks Board at the time, would often visit the KTTS Morning Show to promote upcoming matches.

[lightbox link=”https://videos.files.wordpress.com/dkv3he0B/voice-over-andy-taylor.-television-sponsor-bumper.-wtt-forevermark-2017_hd.mp4″ thumb=”http://andytayloronline.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Andy-Taylor-Voice-Over-Television-Bumper-World-Team-Tennis-2017-001-500×282.png” width=”500″ align=”right” title=”Andy Taylor. Voice Over. World Team Tennis. Television Bumpers. 2017″ frame=”true” icon=”video” caption=”The Forevermark MVP Bumper”]When Andy became the Voice of the US Open in 2002, he regularly made guest-announcer appearances during Lasers matches at Cooper Tennis Complex. There, he introduced the players and engaged with fans in the “far-from-formal” atmosphere that defines the league.

In 2007, Mediacom introduced Andy as the color commentator for its Lasers broadcasts throughout the Midwest. For seven seasons, Andy teamed with Don West, providing an inside perspective of the players and action on court. Though not a former player, his experience announcing the tennis season’s final Grand Slam provided a unique perspective for viewers.

When Andy retired from Radio in 2014, he moonlighted in Branson, Missouri as the on-stage announcer for a live production of the “Price is Right!” Because of conflicting schedules, he was unable to continue his run with the Lasers and Mediacom.

A return to the league

Billie Jean King says it best, when describing World Team Tennis:

If you have ever seen a Mylan WTT match you have seen my philosophy of life in action – men and women, competing together, on a team and both genders making equal contributions to the result.

Billie Jean’s vision is just one of a dozen reasons Andy adored working with the Springfield Lasers. It was also rewarding to give fans an opportunity to see the best in the sport compete in their hometown. As a local morning show host – who had the opportunity to see these great athletes up close for two-weeks every Summer – Andy knew not everyone could afford the expense of traveling to New York to experience the US Open. World Team Tennis and the Springfield Lasers brought the US Open to those listeners, to his neighbors.

Now a full-time voice over artist living in Boston, it’s been 3-years since Andy worked with the league in any capacity. Voicing sponsor bumpers for the 2017 ESPN broadcasts gave him a chance to play a small role in World Team Tennis, once again.