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Voice Over Andy Taylor / Zarges K470 Lithium Ion Battery Box

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Zarges K470. For safe storage of lithium batteries.

Voice Actor Andy Taylor provides voice over for this promotional video illustrating the safety features of the Zarges K470 Lithium Ion Battery Box.

Hazardous Goods: Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium ion batteries have become indispensable in the modern world. When handled correctly they are considered to be safe.

However, in reality, their safety can never be guaranteed and even simple defects can lead to severe consequences.

That’s why lithium ion batteries are classified as hazardous goods, with strict rules for how they are handled.

Yet in many instances, safe and legal storage remains a problem, leaving people and equipment at risk.

Zarges has a solution

With more than 30 years of experience in handling dangerous goods, ZARGES has a perfect solution for any situation, with a range of hazardous goods containers to suit all kinds of lithium ion batteries.

ZARGES containers meet the requirements of the entire battery life-cycle: from prototypes to UN 38.3 tested batteries, to transport and storage of damaged or defective batteries, and batteries for disposal.

Our expert team understands the needs and challenges facing our customers, and can help you comply with the transport regulations for road, sea and air, whether you are moving button cells or batteries of hundreds of kilos.

The K470 Battery Box

The “K470 Battery Box” is the latest addition to our portfolio, and has been developed in close cooperation with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of e-bike batteries. It has been tested to the strictest standards.

Made entirely from aluminum, with unique dividers and a special coating, it guarantees the highest level of safety. Even adjacent batteries remain completely or largely undamaged.

Likewise, the surroundings of the Battery Box remain unaffected and the overall operations without interruption. Furthermore, our special interior coating is completely free of dust.

Thanks to our in-house hazardous goods testing facility we are able to achieve new certifications within just 5 weeks.

Safe storage and transportation of lithium ion batteries

Whether as a ready-to-use, all-around safe product or tailored to your very needs, ZARGES has a certified solution. For every manufacturer and every battery, even prototypes and damaged units.

Our expert team will help you find your complete, certified Lithium-ion battery solution. Visit our website to find out more about the K470 Battery Box. ZARGES has the solutions to make you safer.

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Thanks to Proline MEDIA and Heligraphix for the partnership.

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As always, great work and world-class service. Thank you so much.

BTW you keep me intrigued about how good your understanding of German is. Still wondering how you managed the English timing in the demo so close to the German original.”]

– Tobias Wagner. Proline MEDIA and Heligraphix