“Truth Be Told” – Our Willing Lack of Awareness

The Poem “Truth Be Told” from Voice Actor Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor wrote the words to this poem in 2018 while reflecting on income inequality’s deepening divide, and how the ballooning wealth-gap directly correlates to the targeted, purposeful incitement of division among the largest portion of the U.S. population: The working class.

Our Capitalist Democracy

Today, the United States is no longer primarily defined by it’s democracy. Rather, America has chosen capitalism as it’s predominant trait. As a result, daily life in 2018 continues to reflect simple human nature that predates democracy’s rise.

When the ‘have-nots’ are too busy bickering amongst themselves to see the big picture, the ‘haves’ quietly grow and hoard wealth, while distancing themselves from the burdens of ordinary. And as the wealthy’s coffers expand, less and less of that capital returns to the economy. The rich accumulate wealth and protect it through purchased influence, while the rest of society blindly accepts the situation as uncontrollable fate: “Some are extremely fortunate. Most are not.”

An oligarchy rises. The rest of society struggles – and fights over what’s left.

Ease of existence fuels the divide

In the modern world, the problem is exacerbated by “ease of existence.” The working class has been been trained to feel “whole” now that it has affordable access to the trappings of technology and mobile devices. Additionally, with the emergence of social media and instant global communication, those devices and platforms have amplified the discord among those “fighting over what’s left.”

Surprisingly, much of the US population actually considers itself well-off, unconcerned by the growing wealth gap. People are content holding down two jobs, living paycheck to paycheck – so long as they can afford their devices and stay connected to the internet.

Our willing lack of awareness

Because of that apathy – rather than leverage technology to organize and collectively fight for their share of the wealth they generate, the working class instead continues to fracture and battle over scraps. Truth be told, the longer it takes Americans to awaken, the more difficult it will be to regain a defining influence over capitalism’s landscape.

A divided populace provides the foundation for the rise of a global oligarchy. But, there is a path to a more perfect planetary union: Strength in numbers. Awareness. Unity among the largest portion of each democratic society’s population. It’s the only way for average citizens to collectively bargain and resecure their inalienable right to compete, innovate and succeed.

This is a poem about you and me.


Truth be told? It’s all a lie
When what you know is what you hide
Be who you’re sold, take a side
Go with the flow and just abide
Our individuality
Erased by lazy, tribal hostility

Truth be told? We’re chained by choice
We choose a mold, then raise our voice
With online spite and catered feeds
We all lose sight of each other’s needs
And human decency
It’s a tasteless recipe

So how can we get past our own nose
When all be see is what our timeline shows?

Truth be told? It’s by design
You get some gold, they get your time
It’s not much to show, and you’re on their dime
But you’re too tired to know, and that’s the crime
A servant’s fealty
Accepted by collective apathy

Truth be told? They shape your mind
With their control of your daily grind
Without that check, you won’t survive!
It’s not a leash ’round your neck, we’re keeping you alive
That’s what they want you to see
But it’s the other way around. Wouldn’t you agree?

So how can we unleash the power we hold,
When our dignity is worth less than their gold?

When all you own calms your need
And all you don’t fuels your greed
When time is spent in comfort’s shell
And all dissent can just go to hell
You’re not solving anything
You’re nothing more than a lemming

The past has shown that sacrifice
And love alone enriches life
So start to care, compromise
Stay humble, aware, empathize
We have more in common than we’re told
And I for one, am tired of being bought and sold

So now that we’ve been led down this hole
Isn’t it time that we assume control?