Voice Over. Hilti Firestop Solutions

Voice Over Andy Taylor | Industrial Web Explainer Video | Produced by Tobias Wagner for Hilti Tools

Andy Taylor English Overdub for Hilti Tools

In the video above, voice artist Andy Taylor provided the English “overdub” voice over for Dr. Dirk Kruse, Firestop Engineer for DK Brandschutzingenieure GmbH.

The web explainer video profiles Hilti’s innovative firestop protection in wood construction.

Hilti’s Passive Fire Protection in Wood Construction

DR. DIRK KRUSE: I am convinced the wood construction is a clear trend due to its innovation strength, its modernness, and also because of ecological aspects.

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: Wood construction has many advantages: significantly reduced construction time, better quality, increased living comfort in a wood environment, along with a growing ecological awareness among people.

DR. DIRK KRUSE: In wood construction an early planning is especially important.

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: Better planning enables us to do pre-fabrication at the factory.

DR. DIRK KRUSE: This way we can reduce construction time to half. Firestop in wood is indeed an extensive topic.

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: It is an integral part, right alongside structural design and construction physics. Firestop planners, authorities as well as fire departments know that wood burns in a predictable way.

DR. DIRK KRUSE: This means it can be precisely calculated how long a construction element will withstand a fire.

DR. SEBASTIAN SIMON: In a fire scenario, wood does not behave like concrete. This is why we spend a lot of effort to ensure uncompromised performance of our firestop products also in wood.

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: Approvals are essential. Systems without certification cannot be used.

DR. SEBASTIAN SIMON: We did extensive testing, especially together with our partners.

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: The technival advancements with Hilti are very focused.

DR. DIRK KRUSE: So far, designing firestop penetration in wood was a “grey area” of construction law because no approved solutions existed.

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: Being able to use certified solutions with European approvals will greatly simplify our planning.

DR. SEBASTIAN SIMON: As a result, we now offer solutions that meet even the strictest regulations.

CHRISATIAN KAUFMANN: Authorities know what is being used, contractors know how it works.

DR. DIRK KRUSE: I am honestly delighted that in the future we will be on the safe side from a legal point of view.

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: What sets Hilti apart is their competence. Actually we like being Hilti customers because we appreciate the quality of the products, the service and because we have a great working relationship.