Voice Over. Çukurova Paper and Packaging

Voice Over Andy Taylor / Gece Vardiyasi Film Yapim

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Çukurova Paper and Packaging Group Promotion Film

Çukurova Holding, innovative force of Turkish economy. Always leading the sector with expertise, hard work and technology, Çukurova Paper and Packaging Group continues to produce for Turkey, for the people, and for the environment.

When waste paper is utilised to the highest efficiency.

When paper is carefully collected, carefully sorted and safely recycled.

When our environment, and the entire world wins.

There is a reason: Atkasan.

Recycled containerboard production facility, Selkasan.

Preferred supplier of all sectors with innovative products, reflecting its focus on R&D.

The box of that delicious pizza you just ate? Even that has the signature of Kapalamin.

A strong investment for high quality prints, to meet such demands of customers…Prigo Digital Solution Center

Ova Oluklu Mukavva ve Yalova Ambalaj. Strong enterprises, producing packaging of all sizes for all sectors and all climate conditions.

What’s more? All these are offered with the assurance of a group approaching half a century in the sector, with expert human resources and a capable team producing swift solutions.

For a better life!

With five facilities, spread across Turkey.

Çukurova Paper and Packaging.

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Thanks to Gece Vardiyasi Film Yapim for the partnership.

[blockquote quote=”Great pleasure to work with :)”]

– Göker Göktepe. Gece Vardiyasi Film Yapim