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Voice Over Andy Taylor | Technology Narration | Origin26 Genomic Ecosystem

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Voice Over: Introducing Origin26 Decentralized Genomic Ecosystem using Blockchain Tech

Andy Taylor narrates the above video for Origin26, a pioneer in predictive analysis, critical illnesses, and research. The company is launching an innovative healthcare solution, integrating blockchain technology with DNA data – allowing customers to access and financially manage their genomic data.

Absolutely impressive, Very professional and right on time. A great value, thank you so much.

Origin26 Team, Envato Studio Customer

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Video narration for groundbreaking technology, virtual reality, software and applications

As technology explodes, opportunities abound for voice actors. While thousands of inventive minds develop stunning new technologies, narrators stay busy promoting their innovations.

Voice Over for Apps

Since the iPhone came out in 2007, app development absolutely mushroomed. As a result, there are now over 4 million applications available for Android and iPhone users combined.

Because of this ever expanding need, Andy Taylor voices dozens of promotional videos for apps including ECS Mobile Inventory Manager, Air Miles and 911 Interpreters.

Voice Acting for Software

Software designers require narration for promotional videos, as well. From financial software to video production platforms, as technological advancement continues its rapid ascent – so does the need for voice actors.

Due to the demand, you can hear Andy Taylor narrate promotional videos for Upcoming Media Solutions, CM4all, and Haufe’s People-OS platform.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Today, VR and AR are experiencing prolific tech growth. In other words, the future is here and innovators are giving humans the chance to function and thrive in what feels like a completely different dimension.

In the Virtual and Augmented Reality field, Andy narrates video content for Viarium, Optima Batteries, and 3D Food and Drink Interactive Solutions

Narration for Innovative Products

Technology is also transforming the human experience, from robotics to air conditioning and tool development. Meanwhile, all these advancements require voice over for promotional video productions.

For example, Andy Taylor is the voice of RightHand Robotics, Daikin Inverter Technology, and other breakthrough products like Scribble Pen.

One Chance to make the Right Impression

When you need voice over to promote or use within your new technology, select an informed voice that will clearly convey your technology’s innovation. But as importantly, make sure you work with a reliable talent who understands your deadlines. Moreover, one who can repeatedly deliver a quality product, as your technological advancement grows in popularity.

In short, Andy Taylor’s voice is “Clean, friendly, and precise. Above all, it is a voice that fits your image and vision, without overshadowing your message.”

Ask Andy Taylor for a Demo featuring your new technology today.

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Additional Andy Taylor narration for Technology Partners

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