Voice Over. 911 Interpreters

AUTHOR: Rade Vujicic – President, 911 Interpreters, Inc.

VOICEOVER: Andy Taylor

911 INTERPRETERS – Your complete language solution provider…

Over the past 20-years, 911 Interpreters has successfully provided over a million telephone and in person interpretations, with over three thousand professional, accredited interpreters and translators on staff who provide language services in 250 languages.

911 Interpreters is your COMPLETE LANGUAGE SOLUTION SERVICE PROVIDER, providing telephone, video, on-site and written translation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They serve a wide variety of clients…from emergency services, health care government and insurance to business, social services, courts and utilities.

Accurate, concise cross-cultural communication right at your fingertips – whatever your need. From an immediate telephone connection to an interpreter to on-site interpreters, even meticulous translations of documents. 9-1-1 Interpreters IS your language solution.

Call 1-800-842-0566, or find them online at 911interpreters.com

Thanks to 911 Interpreters for the partnership! Dynamic video.

WOW! I absolutely love it!…I watched the video a few dozen times. I love it so much. I have to tell you that I really liked how skillfully you changed the text of the narration. Everything fits just perfectly and flows seamlessly…Once again WOW! You are a master of your craft!

– Rade Vujicic – President, 911 Interpreters, Inc.