Voice Over. Linn Software VolumeScope™ Launch

Voice Over. Andy Taylor. Linn Software VolumeScope™

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Voice Over introducing VolumeScope™. A trading tool developed by Linn Software

For over 12 years, Linn Software has developed innovative market data platforms for professional traders. In 2017, the company introduced VolumeScope™, a new RTX extension that helps Investor/RT subscribers identify profit making opportunities and make more timely trading decisions.

Andy Taylor provided the voice over for the VolumeScope™ launch. To learn more, click on the video above, or visit Linn Software’s website and search for VolumeScope™ videos. The video titled “VolumeScope Introduction” is the place to start. More detailed tutorial videos for VolumeScope™, including in depth explanations of the VolumeScope setup parameters, are also available.

Linn Software. Revolutionizing Professional Trading

VolumeScope™ allows the trader to view per bar market data flow under a microscope, closely inspecting the volume at price data with great flexibility.

The VolumeScope™ indicator has three primary components: Background, Text, and Candle. Each is optional and each has a variety of data and presention settings. Volume is broken down into Ask-Traded Volume (Buying) and Bid-Traded Volume (Selling) at each price. The VolumeScope builds upon this information with profiling, coloring, and scaling options based upon relative volume, delta, imbalance, and much more.

The indicator makes optimal use of the horizontal and vertical space available for each bar, overlaying text upon a visual profile aside a narrow candle to present a complete picture of the price and volume activity. Users may overlay the Scope over each bar, or detach the Scope from the bars and display them in the right margin. This allows for both vertical and horizontal zooming and scaling, while still seeing the details within each of the most recent bars.

Each bar may be titled with cumulative information for that bar such as volume, delta and time.

Learn more about VolumeScope™ and add this valuable tool to your professional trading arsenal.

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Thanks to Linn Software for the partnership.

[blockquote quote=”It’s impressive and very pro. You are a real talent. I’ve done some voice overs over the years so it’s coming from someone who has been there! Look forward to some more work together.”]

– William Linn. Blasthaus