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Voice Over Andy Taylor / Viarium – The Decentralized VR Platform

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Andy Taylor Voice Over for Viarium

In this corporate film for Viarium, video editors altered Voice Actor Andy Taylor’s voice to project a more futuristic narrative. In the past, this technique was similarly employed when Andy provided voice over for Titan the Robot at the 2015 Qatar Exxon Mobil Open.

Voice Over Andy Taylor / Titan the Robot: The Future of Entertainment

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What is Viarium?

Viarium is a Moscow-based, decentralized Virtual Reality platform. Essentially, it’s your own virtual showroom, with no limits on your unique imagination and ingenuity. From Viarium’s website:

VIARIUM is a tool that will completely replace physical space. VIARIUM consists of a single virtual space that includes VR worlds and VR architecture of shopping centers, separate buildings, showrooms and other VR models created by the VIARIUM platform.

The platform is intended for the widest audience. Participants and users of the project have a unique opportunity to create and develop their own sales outlets and entire virtual worlds. In addition to boosting sales, they get the opportunity for securing additional income.

Viarium. The Voice Over Script

Get ready to be inspired, and welcome to Viarium. A very real Universe with a fully decentralized VR architecture for your business and entertainment. Transform your experience, shop at any time, visit stores around the world. See a variety of products in detail, find the right one.

Wanna get this outfit? Here you can try on the things you like and order them without even leaving your house. Dozens of brands are available.

Feel the thrill of live casinos. Watch your opponents and place your bets with VRX tokens. Play, win and earn earn either cryptocurrency or fiat money.

Hold a business meeting in a VR office. Travel to remote locations with your partners and collaborate as if you were there together. Show your projects, share and brainstorm complex ideas – all within a 360-degree view!

Viarium is a game changer! Jump on the court and get a fully immersive VR experience! Set your goals, have fun, generate tokens and explore new worlds.

Together, we can build a perfect reality. Join Viarium now.

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Thanks to SpecFilm for the partnership.

[blockquote quote=”Andy was great to work with. Very fast and super high quality! We’ll definitely be back with another project!”]

– Maxim Nemkov, Video Producer. Special Film Production