Voice Over. Arris WorkAssure

AUTHOR: Delin Design

VOICE OVER: Andy Taylor

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Arris WorkAssure – By Delign Design

Today, business success is closely linked with the delivery of a high-quality customer experience. After all, companies that prioritize the customer experience generate nearly 60% higher profits than their competitors.

For video service providers, the customer experience has long been degraded during service calls, where long wait times, excessive appointment window lengths and repeat service calls often create frustration among customers.

ARRIS WorkAssure is an intelligent Field Service Management solution that can help you create a world-class customer experience.

With WorkAssure, service providers can:
– Reduce the time between the customer call and the service appointment
– Provide shorter scheduling windows and more accurate ETAs
– Update subscribers in real time as their service appointment approaches
– And make sure their service professional is equipped to resolve their issue

That’s because WorkAssure is just as dynamic as the field service environment, using real-time location and status information to route the technician with the right experience, tools and equipment for the job.

This helps the technician arrive on-time and complete the service call correctly – in one visit.

WorkAssure does this by continuously optimizing the routing process, adapting to dynamic events such as cancelled appointments, technician sick calls and even same-day work orders – freeing up dispatchers to focus on exceptions and more complicated service issues.

And with WorkAssure, you can optimize your system by prioritizing business objectives to achieve the right balance between the customer experience and operational efficiency, giving you a powerful tool that creates happy customers, and a healthy business.

For more information visit Arris.com

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Thanks to Delin Design for the partnership.

Overall, really impressed with the turnaround and quality of the recordings, and we really like where this is going…

– Austin Delin. Delin Design