Voice Over. Scribble Pen For Slack

Voice Over. Andy Taylor. Scribble Pen for Slack

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Voice Over promoting Scribble Pen for Slack

Imagine having the ability to capture all the colors in the world around you, and instantly use them through a digital stylus pen. Suppose you could SAVE those colors for future projects, or share them with your creative team…

This remarkable technology actually exists, thanks to the creators of the Scribble Pen. Andy Taylor’s voice over above describes how this revolutionary product could streamline the creative process for users of the Slack workflow platform.

The Amazing Scribble Pen. Collaborate on Slack.

The ultimate collaborative tool, Slack makes it easy to instantly exchange ideas, documents, images and audio files. So why not colors, too?

The Scribble pen digital stylus is a revolutionary way to “borrow” colors from the world around you, and share them with fellow designers, clients or creative collaborators within your Slack conversations.

Simply scan a color with your pen, and share it to Slack in real time.

With the Scribble app, you can name and save every color that you scan, so that your own, personal color library is available on all your devices. And you can instantly send and share color swatches through Slack. Even better, Scribble automatically generates Pantone, RGB, CMYK and HEX codes for every color you capture.

From interior design to graphic design, Scribble cuts out all the guesswork, trial-and-error, and endless back and forth, keeping your project moving.

Scribble on Slack. Capture. Share. Create.

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Thanks to Scribble Pen for the partnership.

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– Ral Ozoemenam. Co-Founder at Scribble