Voice Over. 3D Food And Drink Interactive Solutions

Voice Over Andy Taylor | App Development Web Explainer Video | Upcoming Media Solutions

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Technology revolutionizing the Food Service Industry

Andy Taylor provides voice over for the promotional video detailing the multi-faceted industrial App, 3D Food And Drink Interactive Solutions.

Through this service, restaurants and caterers have a truly unique way of marketing and presenting their menu items to clientele and customers. Imagine viewing your delivery order – on your own table – before even placing your order!

That’s just one of many remarkable features specially designed for the food industry by the groundbreaking App-development team at Upcoming Media Solutions, Inc.

Welcome to 3D Food and Drink Interactive Solutions

3D Food and Drink Solutions, provided by Upcoming Media, Inc. develops incredible augmented, virtual and mixed reality experiences using tantalizing, lifelike 3D models of your food and drink items, created with advanced processing technology.

Take your menu to the world with realistic 3D food menus that can be liked, engaged with, and shared through customized marketing campaigns.

And check out these interactive 3D Drink Coasters, where you can showcase your brand, company history, and product information – to help you overcome sales barriers and build customer confidence while they order.

Need to train your team to deliver the best possible customer experience? 3D Food and Drink Solutions can help with that, too. Quickly and efficiently train the next generation of culinary and hospitality experts with augmented reality training experiences that make teaching and learning a snap, all from a single app.

Caterers – imagine a dynamic, interactive presentation to help close the deal with your clients. Present your catering and event planning menu ideas through stunning 3D images, and impress those potential clients with realistic, to-scale dish combinations that create the perfect event.

If you offer delivery. Imagine your customers experiencing their order before even placing it! Whether in their home, office, or hotel room – customers can experience food items to scale on their own table, build their own meal, or go-on to place their delivery order with confidence.

Modernize your menu today…with 3D Food and Drink Interactive Solutions.