An independent, stubborn breed…The Marathoner

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It’s not something you do to say you did it…it’s something you do to prove to yourself that you can.

It’s something you do to earn bragging rights – from yourself.

It’s something that pays dividends in every other aspect of your life – thanks to relentless preparation, determined motivation, and doubt…manipulation.

It’s a symbol of challenge surmounted, tattooed on your character for the rest of your days; a symbol that is fuel for strength when you need it most; a symbol that grants perspective on all of life’s obstacles.

Most say: “I don’t want to.” Many claim: “There’s no way I could.” For the few who stay silent, patiently prepare, grind through the fear…the doubt…the pain; those who finish…receive the greatest reward.

Confidence, individuality, humility, drive…gifts of character, now yours – thanks to your journey…your accomplishment.