It is the fastest “grower” in the world…

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An old man’s eyebrows

Your husband’s toenails

Gas prices…Skyscrapers in Dubai…Clutter on the kitchen table

A 6-year-old, right after buying her $300 worth of new clothes

Warren Buffet’s aggressive investment portfolio during a Bull market

Yes, these all are known to experience unusually rapid growth…

But none of these things; in fact, nothing in the WORLD grows faster…than dandelions on a freshly mowed lawn. Knock the tops off that grass at 9:00am and you’ll have a sea of yellow and fluffy white by 4:30 that afternoon.

And sure – we could spend hundreds…even thousands on chemicals to keep ‘em at bay, but when weeds are the only plants that thrive on your tree-covered acreage – you learn to make do with what you got…

…and to mow sparingly.