GoRVing – The More Realistic Commercial…

It’s a familiar scene, really – standing on the side of the road next to our broken down Winnebago, three dogs inside…stranded.

This time – it was a family emergency 600-miles away, and I had 24 hours to get her ready. The inside dually tires were shot, and come to find out, tire manufacturers stopped making this size several years ago. I have six of them, and a dry rotted spare.

Miraculously, I managed to find the only two left in Southwest Missouri – a decent used pair that could get us there, back and beyond. It was meant to be…

…until one of them blew out on I-30 – in the middle of nowhere – 40 miles west of Little Rock.

A helpful Highway Patrolman spent 90-minutes calling every tire service from Texarkana to Arkadelphia to Little Rock…just to tell me what I already knew – there isn’t a tire this size to be found in all of Southern Arkansas.

I love this camper.

So – I had to buy two tires…a fairly more common size – and had a group called “Looney’s” come out and move one of the front tires to the back dual, used the other to replace the spare – then mounted the new, larger tires on the front end to keep the suspension ‘somewhat’ balanced. Sure, we’re always driving uphill, but at least it’s safe-er.

Hey Tom Selleck – how about profiling MY experiences in your GORVING.com commercials?