I am not a very bright man

I am not a very bright man. Many say the first step to overcome any life challenge is to recognize one’s weakness. A fine theory, however I’ve been aware of my complete lack of intelligence most of my adult life.

It took my wife several years to realize she’d married a vacuous, feeble minded, mentally deficient champion of the inane – though let’s not jump to any conclusions about what that says regarding her intellect. Amazingly, stubbornly, she continues to claim that she loves me.

Dionne nearly pulled out her dreads...
Dionne nearly pulled out her dreads…

That said, I have spent the past several months repeatedly and systematically punishing us both, willingly. How? – Through a simple decision.

I decided that instead of hiring legitimate intelligence and expertise, I was going to build my own dynamic websites to promote my work.

Please stop laughing.

“Humbling” doesn’t begin to describe this arduous, masochistic foray into the abyss of all things incomprehensible. Try to imagine a brain-damaged monkey, who’s determined to build his own helicopter out of frayed rope, used banana peels and an empty bottle of penicillin.

Days and weeks were spent just learning how to unlock, transfer, register, re-register, theme jungle, press words and host dreams; all while paying with plastic for the privilege of perplexity each painstaking step of the way.

The process was exhausting, frustrating, infuriating, debilitating, stomach-churning and churlishly interminable; and that only covers how my wife felt, a mere bystander to the months of agonized annoyance.

Long story short: The brain damaged monkey made it fly.

Natural selection my ass, Chuck Darwin…Even a matriclinous mutant can overcome with perseverance and determination…and with the disembodied assistance of Jason Bobich. Jason’s WordPress themes are top-notch, and his support is unmatched. When stumped, there’s a video tutorial. Feeling innovative? There’s a forum loaded with ideas and suggestions.

The Wizard

Jason is the Wizard of my online Oz. We’ve never met. We don’t have to. He designed it that way. His yellow-bricked infrastructure frameworks my web existence, and that infrastructure is easily navigable, designed to resonate my color of character through content.

In a word, from a simple-minded simian to the man behind the curtain, Jason Bobich: Thanks. There’s no place like home. Or this home