You own a Keurig? Welcome to financial ruin…

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It’s all the rage – the one-cupper – the Divine – the Keurig coffee machine. Honestly, I don’t even know if I’m pronouncing it correctly, but I am fairly certain it would put me in financial ruin.

I mean, typically – they’re expensive machines compared to the Black & Decker, Mr. Coffee 10-dollar 12-cup brew-pots. Yet they’re brilliant. Like a the industrial Bunn – the water’s hot and ready to go. You pop in your chosen pouch blend and it’s instant brew. Not powdery instant coffee – but instant BREW. And that’s a great design for the fast-pace life we all live today.

BUT – if you’re like me…and drink enough coffee every morning to completely negate the effects of 5-hour energy…if you’re sucking down a pot-and-a-half to two pots and make cocaine addicts nervous – this ain’t your machine; unless you’re loaded.

Right now, my morning crack addiction’s delivered by Krounig German coffee purchased at Aldi. It’s smooth – has flavor – and delivers the fix – for under 7-bucks a package; a package that’ll make AT MINIMUM 120 cups of coffee.

OR – I could own a Keurig, buy a box of one-cup brew pouches for eight to ten bucks…and only get 14 cups of coffee. You don’t have to do the math, you can see how ridiculous it is: 14-cups…more expensive than 120…really?

Oh – not to mention, the coffee machine itself costs you 10-times the value of Mr Coffee’s of the world.

I’m not an accountant, I’m not a financial planner, I’ve never been the treasurer of some civic organization…but I’m guessing, if you drink coffee at the house like I do, and you LOVE your coveted Keurig…your kid’s college fund isn’t quite what it should be, is it?

Do yourself a favor – just go back to brewing with a pot. Put the hundreds you’ll save over the course of a year into that account, send that brilliant mind off to school; otherwise in ten years – that brilliant little mind could be paying for night classes at community college by SELLING…pot…of a different variety; all because you love that Keurig.