A Late Stroll in the Borough

Announcer Andy Taylor. 2014 US Open Tennis Championships

11:13 PM

After a late night of rehearsal with Fitz and the Tantrums at the 2014 US Open Tennis Championships.

Me: Wearing a “Price is Right” sweatshirt. Walking west on 112th Street in Corona, Queens.

Woman: Drink in hand. Standing on her building’s raised stoop. Surrounded by her girlfriends.

Andy Taylor Announcer. 2014 US Open. Fitz & The Tantrums RehearsalWoman: “Hey Papi!”

Me: Stop walking. Peer up at her.

Woman: You dropped your stuff.

Me: Looking behind me. Completely confused.

Woman: Your money…you dropped it.

Me: Spot no cash on the ground. Even more confused.

Woman: There. The Price is Right.


— Long Pause —


Me: Bust out laughing.

Girlfriends: Laugh hysterically.

Woman: Stoic. Never moves. Stares blankly through me to the pit of my soul.

Me: Chuckling, turn and continue walking west.

Girlfriends: Laughter continues. I can still hear them three blocks away.


Welcome to the 2014 US Open