Achievement is…

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It’s like anything else – you just need to be given a chance…

Achievement…is addictive.

With exercise – when you reach a certain milestone or work-out goal, you’re motivated and confident you can reach the next target.

In business – with each achievement comes a hunger for more, a starvation you feed by cross-checking the notes of success with the wealth of knowledge gained from failure.

Relationships with others become stale and predictable without achievements together…from the high of accomplishing a shared goal to overcoming some long-term disagreement.

Achievement is a crave…because achievement is admired. It’s a magnet that pulls others toward you; everyone loves a winner!

But achievement…never…magically occurs. You gotta show up…you gotta be there…you have to be motivated…tenacious…curious…relentless; and willing to fail.

Achievement starts with a “try” – not a “willingness” to try, but an actual attempt.

In fact, achievement’s really nothing more than two key ingredients:

Timing…and whole lot of trying…

When you’re struggling, motivation zapped – remember those two important ingredients…and exploit the one you can actually control.

‘Cause without “the try” – the recipe for achievement is incomplete when timing finally finds you.