If tight is the trend, I am ‘fitting’ right in…

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From dudes wearing skinny jeans, to ladies in leggings and form-fitting tops – tight is the trend, and today…how lucky are we? – It’s non-exclusive to body type!

This is just an observation – not a condemnation…so relax. Also, keep in mind this is coming from a fellow who needs to drop 20-pounds himself.

Used to be…you were wearing a tight shirt ‘cause you got fat – now, all of us fat people in-style, get to buy a tight wardrobe right off the rack!

It’s crazy really – until you’re rocking three or four layers of form-fit muffin spillage over your hips, you’re nowhere near in-style. 330-pounds of nothing that resembles muscle…guys, go ahead and slap down the cash on some Under Armor gear. You bet…works like a guy girdle. Been working out, haven’t you? Looks great!

Whatever…My clothes are entirely too tight, too – but not by choice. To me…the tight fit’s just a friendly reminder…AHHH!…every time I sit down – Telling me it’s time to move more, eat less, and actually make an EFFORT to fit into the wardrobe I already have.

On the upside – at least for once I’m in style. So in style, I can’t even button this pair of jeans!