Forty-two point Three six.

Voice Over Andy Taylor. Forty Two Point Three Six. Smoke Detector
Easy solution to eliminate the hell you’ve unleashed on your neighbors: Kiddie Battery Replacement Guide

Smoke Detector Smoke Detector


I like people. I do.

Except the ones who live in apartments and refuse to replace depleted batteries in smoke detectors.

Sure, we all have annoying friends, irritating colleagues, people we loathe — but let’s be honest, there’s a special inferno full of liquid magma reserved specifically for these insensitive elites who choose to spend months on end listening to the incessant chirp of a Kiddie’s cry for help rather than purchase a 9-volt, grab a ladder, and valiantly bring the reign of terror to an end.

Need help? For God’s great mercy — Just. Ducking. Ask.

Trust me. Your blood-shot, eye-twitching neighbors will literally sprain ankles and break bones racing each other to your door to quell the nuisance.

I like people. Really, I do.

But right now, I have to remind myself of that fact every 42.36 seconds.


Announcer Andy Taylor. Voice of the 2022 US Open

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