“Watch what you eat!”…(while you’re eating it)

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“Listen to this!” my wife says, as she’s chewing…

“These chocolates your brother sent for Christmas are 180-calories a piece!”

Another bite…

“90 fat calories, 6 grams of saturated fat – that’s 32% of the daily value of saturated fat recommended with a 2000-calorie diet…That’s insane!”


Obviously, some good stuff.

Look – my wife is one of the funniest people I know. Not to mention, she’s beyond hot, has an awesome figure – but still likes to watch what she eats…while she’s eating it!

We had the exact same conversation earlier in the truck while she was snacking on some of those Kellogg’s gummy fruity snack things…there she sat, chewing on some gelatin strawberries – appaulled that one serving (10-pieces) was 80-calories. But, at least with those – no saturated fat, and there was 100% of your daily intake of Vitamin-C per serving…

But really – that is a great way to put it – people who like to watch what they eat…while they’re eating it.

I just can’t help but envision someone like this, standing there with a rod of plutonium in their hand…sucking on the tip…reading the packaging:

“You are NOT gonna believe this! – It says here…causes immediate radiation poisoning and death. Not just for the person who consumes it…but for all individuals in a 300-yard radius. Ah! Will you look at this? My hair’s falling out!”

Crunch, crunch…swallow.

My motto? – Just eat it. Everything in life’s gonna make you fat…everything leads to diabetes…everything gives you cancer. You’re only here for a little while…when you get a little too big, and it’s making you uncomfortable – move a little more ‘til the pants fit again.

But always…stay away from the plutonium blow pops.