Remembering Woody Justice

Yesterday – for many around the world, not just here in Southwest Missouri – was a humbling reminder that life here is temporary, as we collectively reflect on the loss of Woody Justice.

I have always chosen my role models very carefully – Woody Justice is right at the top of that list. Personally, he taught me far more than he realizes…not just through his words, wit and wisdom – but through the example he chose to set.

Below is a simple memory I have working with Woody on the KTTS Christmas Crusade…of the example he always set. After giving it a listen, please visit the Justice Jewelers website. See and hear Woody speak about his life…in his own words.

To the entire Justice Jewelers family…I wanted to simply express my condolences at our collective loss as a community. Woody’s compassion, determination, commitment to excellence and sheer wisdom through experience and a willingness to “try new things,” were an inspiration to me and a confidence boost when making the decision to leave radio and focus on my own business.

Selfishly, I will forever miss the example he set. Collectively, we’ll miss his influence, guidance, motivation and without a doubt – his humble marketing…a true reflection of his authentic character. “I’m Woody Justice, and I want to be your jeweler.” In most regards, you always will be Woody – and so much more.