Google Voice – and the hilarious transcripts…

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I’m doing what I can to embrace new technology…

One tool that worked great while I was in the Middle East was “Google Voice.” I could text friends and family and receive all of my voicemail messages…free – without having to call back to the States.

If you don’t use Google Voice – it’s interesting because it also provides a transcript of each voicemail message. Whatever you do – DO NOT DEPEND ON THIS FEATURE. Except for comic relief…

Example: Here’s a recent voicemail from Dionne (AUDIO)

Okay – Here’s the transcript. This is what I first READ, before hearing her message. According to Google Voice, this was Dionne’s message:

“Hi Sweetie. Just wondering if you found anything corrupts hop in the a shop and so much fun and they If you want. I’ll be around people. Right now I before Christmas. Your phone the parking lot. Yeah, I love you and I’m finishing up my frank urine. Well, back in town. I’ll talk to you Later. Bye Bye.”

Needless to say – I don’t even bother reading the transcripts of voicemail messages anymore…until I’m bored and need a quick laugh.

Have a great Christmas – enjoy your time with family – I’ll talk to you next week…after a I finish up my frank urine.