Three guys, several pair of jeans…and a BB Gun.

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Three guys – one mission: “To see how many layers of jeans you have to wear, so you won’t feel the sting when shot by a BB-Gun.”

True story: 1970’s Missouri.

Rusty, being the youngest of three brothers – was the gullible target.

Now…there’s two ways you can go about this exercise – the intelligent way: Put on 10 layers, have your brothers shoot you, then remove one layer at a time until you can slightly feel the ricochet of a BB bouncing off your butt. Once you feel it, go back UP a layer – and you have your answer.

OR…there’s the brotherly love technique: While he wears a single pair of jeans – shoot your younger brother in the leg: “Rusty, can you feel that?”

“Yeah – ouch!”

“Put on another pair jeans…(shot)…Can you feel that?”

“Ahhhh! Yes!”

“Alright – put on another pair…(shot)…How ‘bout now?”

“I don’t know anymore! – Owww!”

By the time 8-year-old Rusty had on four pair jeans, he said he couldn’t feel the sting anymore – but it’s still unclear if that was due to layers of denim protection, or numbness after three rounds from the older brother firing squad.