How to celebrate like National Champions…

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I’ve never understood it…your team wins a big game – so you and your buddies take to the streets in celebration – and start burning couches and flipping vehicles. It’s not like this is anything new, so it’s hard to say Saturday night in Lexington was a surprise, after Kentucky’s Final Four win over Louisville.

People, it’s a freakin’ basketball game – and your team WON.

About 10-years ago, I got together with some buddies and asked: What if this were the standard, accepted way to celebrate with the major triumphs in all of our lives?

“Remember, until you hear this (Police sirens) and eventually (jail door closing), you haven’t celebrated enough.”

Imagine celebrating the birth of your first child: [AUDIO: She gives birth, husband trashes the delivery room]

How would we celebrate the purchase of our first home?: [AUDIO: They relish the moment of moving into their first home…then torch it]

Young-and-dumb, alcohol-fueled – whatever your justification for CELEBRATING by looting and destroying property – it’s pathetic. Go splurge on an ice-cream, buy up your favorite team’s merch, or decal your rig so the entire world knows your primary joy in life comes from your favorite university winning a…basketball game.

Because seriously – with all of those options, you keep a clean record, save a ton of cash compared to what you’ll owe the bail bondsman, and manage to avoid at least LOOKING like an absolute imbecile.