Making Money at the Scrap Yard…

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Good day…You and the neighbor load up all the scrap metal on your properties, take it to the yard and make $150.

Good day turns…sincerely pathetic looking…when you and your neighbor, decked out in filthy bib overalls and ripped-up sweatshirts, then walk into your former place of employment (a place that paid you well) and everyone asks – so how’s it going with your small business?

I mean – how do you answer that?

“Uh…it’s going great! Neighbor Tim and I here just sold a bunch of scrap metal and made $150!” – Is that convincing…that everything’s going well?

And here’s the deal…My buddy, Mark – my program director at KTTS – had picked up a case of Hamm’s beer for me over Christmas, on his way back from Kentucky…($11.99 for 24…cans – and I’d never stopped by to pick it up). But finally, after over a month – here I was, standing in the lobby of my former employer, in the middle of the day, cash in hand from selling scrap metal, ready to pick up that case of Hamm’s!

Pathetic. So pathetic, in fact – he GAVE me the case of beer as a gift – wouldn’t accept my money.

So there you have it – business is BOOMING right now…people are knocking down the door for my dulcet tones with voice-over work. It just so happens, I really wanted to get the eyesore of that exploded, aluminum, above-ground pool off my property, and was tickled to death to learn that I could make some money off of it…

…just enough money to buy a case of cheap Hamm’s beer from a buddy kind enough to pick up the case during his travels through St. Louis…5-weeks after he picked it up.

Yeah…no…business is going great. It’s really taking off…