Earning a living today – do you need an employer?

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It’s amazing to me how some people earn a living for their family…

I know a guy who buys crayons on the cheap from China – warehouses ‘em in his hometown – then sells them to kid-friendly restaurants…globally. Two days a week, he fills out some paperwork…crayons get shipped…he gets paid. He never even SEES his product, and can work from anywhere; no heavy lifting – just good bookkeeping…twice a week.

Just learned of another guy who makes the rounds of properties with farm ponds – the landowners trap all of the turtles on their place, he shows up and buys ‘em, turns around and sells them to China (where they’re a delicacy), and he gets paid. The landowner’s happy, the buyer’s ecstatic, and this guy makes bank doing the local rounds once a week, then taking another day to pack and ship.

The thing is, we’ve all spotted unique opportunities before…but these guys actually had the guts to take the risk, roll the dice, develop the connections, and turn a crazy “idea” into lucrative, independent business.

Just something to think about…while you’re a work, enjoying the safety of a paycheck with inflating benefits deducted, trying to avoid office politics, and work around delayed decisions…because you have to answer to a boss…who has to answer to HIS boss…who answers to the board…who answers to the shareholders, who really have no vested interest in your company other than it showing profit on paper.