Politics: The Colonoscopy of Democracy

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I don’t know anyone who LIKES politics. Yet, politics has its own “Interest Page” on Facebook, with nearly 2-million likes…so obviously, I choose not to run in those circles.

…wait, that’s Google-Plus.

Anyway, I think it’s safe to say: To many, politics is the mammogram or colonoscopy of democracy. It’s a dreaded but necessary…procedure…that is always uncomfortable, aggravates individual sensitivity, and can ultimately expose cancers in the system.

Depending on your interpretation of the scans, those cancers can be individual candidates…or the political process itself, and how it evolved into its current state.

Those who see ‘political cancer cells’ are certain malignant tumors have metastasized throughout the political body; into all of today’s vital organs…like lobbyists, special interest groups, the paid-for inundation of mass media to deliver message – (basically, the regulation or lacking regulation of campaign finance).

To simplify their diagnosis: Political cancer is MONEY – and that cancer has plowed through every tattered lymph node, entered the blood stream and created a political system that in THIS CONTEXT, can only be described as a “Stage-4 Political Process.”

Meanwhile – regardless of party – those whose interests have been served through affective lobbying, those who’ve won elections with this “Stage-4 Political Process;” they acknowledge that the cancer exists – but why treat it? Why radiate it? Why throw chemo at it when they’ve learned how to successfully LIVE with the diagnosis, treating the cancer as simply…a chronic condition?

The fact is – today – every American DOES LIVE with this ‘chronic political condition.’ Just turn on the television, just fire up the internet, just follow…the money. And sadly, like many who face such a dire Stage-4 diagnosis, a high percentage of Americans have completely given up – ignoring the symptoms, removed from the process, resigned to a cureless inevitability. There’s no more fight – only bitter exhaustion.

That’s a choice…a selfish – choice.

I don’t know anyone who LIKES politics; NO ONE likes a cancer diagnosis, but the brave…research, educate themselves, formulate a fight and actively participate in their life’s path – if not for their future, for the future of others. Those who fight cancer, in their own way – all become part of potential treatment, potential advancements, and perhaps eventually…a cure.