Just another week.

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Fire-up Facebook or Twitter on a Monday, and you’re guaranteed to read some “I Hate Monday” post or tweet. It’s the “Old Faithful” of online narcissism for those who…well, really don’t have much to say. Allow me to encourage a little more creativity. Here’s my take on the entire week – take a listen!

Unless it’s a holiday, nothing good really ever comes out of a Monday…

I had someone ask yesterday: Why does Monday always have to be so – disappointing? To which I replied: Because Monday is a woman…with teenagers…who’s been in heels for eight-hours. It’s windy AND humid…she can’t find her keys…and she has a scheduled mammogram in 10-minutes.

Tuesday…Now, Tuesday’s not much better; pretty much the same woman, only there’s no appointment…but she still can’t find her keys.

Wednesday is…your husband. Not because it’s “hump” day….No, Wednesday always shows signs of promise, but inevitably – in your mind – under-delivers in the end. You know – the romantic night out he planned…at Hooters during the Big Game. The flowers he brought you…that you happen to be allergic to, and he should know that by now. Wednesday’s a great guy – you love Wednesday…but…

Then there’s Thursday – Thursday is the UPS or Fed-Ex guy, coming down the driveway…only instead of delivering that package you really wanted, he’s dropping off some box of crap that could’ve waited two more weeks.

And finally, there’s Friday. Cute, sweet, innocent, little Friday – with her rosy cheeks, soft skin…her newborn chuckle! Friday’s up for anything! She shows so many signs of promise, so much potential of a bright tomorrow…until you suddenly realize there are diapers, tantrums, braces, groundings, silent treatments, college loans and entitled dependence to endure before the sun actually starts shining…again.

Quite frankly, it takes two solid days to recover from the reality of Friday…just so you can enjoy another reintroduction to the dysfunctional family that happens to be – your week.