A Question You Should Ask Yourself…

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There is a big difference between a fear of being poor, and a fear of being broke.

As I slide toward the 6-month mark of anxious full-time focus on my own small business, these are the thoughts that enter my mind during moments of reflection…

I’m humbly aware that I’ve chosen an entirely new battlefield, now working for myself on a new venture, leaving behind life as an employee; a life at which I excelled; a life where I could today continue to perform well.

I understand that growth takes time, patience, tenacity, curiosity, focus, and determination. And part of that determination – is a willingness to make hard decisions and take chances…motivated through a fear – of being broke. What are the steps I’m going to have to take right now – to keep this goal, this dream alive…while feeding my family? That fear of being broke drives you to dig deeper, try harder, get more creative to make those goals a reality.

On the other side – there’s the fear of being…poor. I’ll tell you right now, and most over 35 will tell you the same thing, some of the best times I can remember came from the decade of my life when I was in debt, living paycheck to paycheck. Money wasn’t my focus…it was just a…slight obstacle. You had to be creative in how you spent your time, fixed your food, and paid your bills – but never during that time did I feel like I was poor. I was just afraid of being broke.

Fear of being poor – leads to apathy, and ultimately regret. Throughout history, there have been millions of humans who decided it best to just continue on their current path, avoid risk, settle – and be…happy? Why take a step BACK, when the current income makes me comfortable.

How many people were living this life when 2008 hit…and then out of the blue – they lost their job. Blindsided by irresponsibility on Wall Street – something completely out of their control. For a lot them, it was a blessing in disguise – the ultimate motivator to take a chance on a venture they’d always wanted to try; and risk failure, for fear of being broke.

Before, they lived with a fear of being poor: “Well – I have it good enough. I’d be crazy to take those chances. At least this way…I can afford the bigger fridge, the remodel, the lease on the Mercedes…” APATHY! And how strange is it, the bigger our fear of being poor, the more we seem to consume…keeping up with the Jones’s…

My point is this – regardless of your current financial situation…I sincerely hope you’re not compromising your life’s goals and dreams for fear of being poor. I hope you’re focused, curious, and kind of anxious to continue achieving – motivated, at least in part, by the fear of being broke.

I will always recommend risk…over comfort; ‘cause in the end the rewards can be SO MUCH greater, devoid of regret.