Um…What NOT to wear in Worcester, MA?

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How to tempt a “head-thumping” in Massachusetts…Won’t you please contribute to the “My Buddy Dieter Needs a New Coat Now” Fund? Thank You!

My friend Dieter just happens to be one of the most talented guys I know. He’s the music director for the Los Angeles Lakers and Kings at Staples Center. Not only that, he’s one of the few “musicians” left in that trade, who actually still physically plays the organ during games.

He has a passion for making the experience of sport more exciting for the fan, the ticket-holder and even the athletes themselves through his creativity and musical talents high above the ice and parquet – a passion that’s taken him around the world working for the NBA, NHL, Olympics and more…

Dieter is also the music director of the U.S. Open in New York, where we work together every August and September. Living on the West Coast, and typically working with him over the Summer in New York – never in my life have I seen Dieter in need of a heavy coat…until this past weekend in Worcester, Massachusetts. We were working the U.S. Fed Cup victory over Belarus.

And it’s not that Dieter doesn’t OWN a coat – in fact, he brought one with him to Worcester. But just trust me when I say…the man still needs a new one – or it could cost him his life…

I kid you not…walking around in 25-degree weather last weekend, in Massachusetts – he was wearing a heavy Nike coat – with a 2 and a half by 3 foot Los Angeles Lakers Logo stitched onto the back. Sharp coat – sure – but not something you wear on the home turf of the arch-rival Boston Celtics.

Every corner he rounded, he was heckled: “Lakers? How the hell can you wear that here?!” I witnessed it…standing right outside the DCU Center.

Dieter, my friend – you’re either incredibly naïve…or you have a 40-pound pair made of tempered steel.

There’s a fine line between being warm…and being dead. Please just remember that before you wear your Eli Manning jersey in South Boston this weekend!

Let’s hope for a Davis Cup Tie on the LSU campus later this year – remember, the Tigers favorite slogan is “Roll Tide!”