My hearing…and gray hair.

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My wife has always wondered why I have such a hard time HEARING her…is it the TONE of her voice? Or is there legitimate truth behind the “selective hearing” stereotype?

You decide.

Working in the office yesterday, I could hear Dionne talking, but I wasn’t sure if it was directed at me. So, of course I yell out “WHAT?!” – And this is what I get in return:

“I asked you if I should keep the rest of my hair color so that you could color your beard…” << PAUSE >>

And then that was followed by << LAUGHTER / CACKLING >>

Oh yes…another wicked funny from my wife…

(Dionne): “It’s about time you catch up with me…buddy”

What’s interesting to me, is…the THRILL Dionne gets from seeing my gray hair and sharing that truth with the world. Apparently, that thrill far outweighs any embarrassment she may suffer from others knowing she colors her hair…as was evidenced in her Facebook post shortly after our exchange.


She’s still giddy…