How you REACT determines your path in life…

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Ultimately, how you REACT determines your path in life…nothing else.

Sure, planning, preparation, education and employment are significant parts of the equation; but these aspects of our character only grant us opportunity. How we REACT to that opportunity…determines our fate.

But few take the time to plan, prepare, educate and employ a plan of attack on how they’ll react…which then makes it harder to recognize opportunity when it presents itself.

Now, I realize it seems stupid to spend time thinking about how you’ll REACT to something – after all a reaction is a…reaction – to something you may not have seen coming. But it’s not rocket science – you don’t need to draw-up schematics. You really only have two choices with a plan of attack on how to react:

1. I’m always going to be open-minded and positive
2. Or I’m going to close-minded and negative.

That’s it.

Obviously most would choose the first plan of attack, but if you don’t consciously remind yourself of this chosen aspect of character, plan-B always seems to spring into action.

An example for the working man…if somebody dumps a huge project on your already busy agenda. I don’t care who you are, it pisses you off. You can react with negativity, push it off and do a sub-par job; but then it’s a safe bet THAT reaction will lead to ZERO opportunity. Or you can be – what I’ll call pissed, but positive – open-mindedly problem solve the work-load and get the job done with personal pride. That type of reaction will always lead to potential opportunity and growth.

How you REACT determines you path in life – nothing else.

But this doesn’t just apply to careers – it applies to your happiness, every day! How many times have you been cut off in traffic or just been treated rudely over the past month? How many times has someone said something that just…rattled your cage? If you’re negative and close-minded, you probably have a figure in your head. If you exercise plan-A…these are completely meaningless questions – you have no idea; because you didn’t allow yourself to REACT like a wound-up, finger-flying, entitled, it’s-all-about-me ‘roid-rager.

You want to finally experience some of life’s happiness and some of life’s opportunity? Every morning you open your eyes, remind yourself of your “plan of attack on how to react.” Stay open-minded and positive – every day will seem a little more fulfilling, it’s an attitude that’s infectious and contagious…

…and most importantly, we always have to remember – how we REACT determines our path in life – nothing else.